Antares        8 x alte Brüderkirche, Kassel, 2019

I tried to sleep on the apple meadow. But crickets kept me awake. Her outrageously loud chirping. When finally the rain drove me back to the hut, I was glad. In the back beaten wood rots, a new one is educated in front.

And now I take some things inside, into the warm church room, heated by the new heat. Complicated imitations of the processes that no longer run without me or my substitute techniques. An aeroponic system transports water and nutrients to the roots of the young apple trees. Diving them in milk keeps the mildew in check. LEDs in pink and blue provide the right spectrum of light. The crickets are fed with pressed dry food for dogs. The mushrooms grow from plastic buckets. Her flesh is pink like mine. The young mushrooms remind me of Huba Buba with cherry flavor.

In hope of constant power supply, I go away to remix cards.

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